Spring Bellies doula Services 

Providing doula services to urban & Rural Edmonton, Sherwood Park, LEduc & beaumont   

I believe that birth is a natural human process... Not a medical emergency, but simply an emergence.  Within each woman there is an innate wisdom that knows beautifully and exactly how to conceive and grow a child, cell by cell.  This wisdom does not fail us during labour.  Our bodies do not fail us, but our birth environment (including people), our choice of care provider (and their own philosophies on birth and risk) and some of the choices we make or don't make can set us on a different path than we had hoped.  And sometimes things just don't go as planned for reasons unbeknownst to us.  Nature is unpredictable.  Pregnancy and birth are Nature.   

We do need to feel safe and respected during labour in order for the labour process to unfold naturally.  The best way to harness the power of this wisdom is to be in an environment that feels safe, protected and comfortable.  As your doula, I am your advocate and a guardian of your sacred space.  I am skilled in the use of comfort measures, massage and verbal encouragement.  However your birth unfolds, I remain a constant, reassuring and calm presence working to help you achieve the birth you desire. 

I spend a great deal of time during our prenatal appointments educating my clients on all aspects of labour and birth as well as the benefits and risks of common medical procedures, interventions and medications so that they feel confident in making informed decisions regarding their care.  I trust that women are capable of making choices that they feel are best for their bodies and babies.