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Katherine was my rock throughout my whole pregnancy. She was available to my every question 24 hours a day and went well above and beyond expectations. She was a great fit for me and my husband and was a true supporter of what I envisioned my pregnancy to be. I am so grateful and would highly recommend Katherine! She is truly one in a million, and I know she will change the lives of anyone she works with.

-Chelsea and Rohan 

We are counting our blessings that we chose to have Katherine be our doula with our second child. She was a perfect fit with our family. After our initial consultation we met with a few more doulas, but no one seemed to compare with Katherine as to the kind of support we were looking for with this pregnancy. Katherine was kind, supportive, and had a gentle approach with pregnancy and childbirth.

Katherine is a selfless person in her role as a doula and massage therapist, and it’s evident that she loves what she does. From answering our questions and concerns quickly through text, phone calls and our visits, her attention to detail and dedication make her an exceptional asset to anyone’s pregnancy and birth experience.

Katherine was pivotal in helping us achieve the empowered birth I wanted to have with this second pregnancy. I was very disappointed having to be induced again, unlike my first delivery my labor progressed a lot more slowly this time. Katherine was a constant support during my labor at the hospital. We walked the halls, units and stairs for hours during the night. She used massage techniques, refocusing, water and spinning babies to help with my labor and pain. I was tired and felt like I was hitting a wall and Katherine’s guidance and support provided me the motivation to stay focused with my wish of having an unmedicated hospital birth and welcoming our daughter into our family.

         Thank you Katherine,
        - Lise & Seumas Gillis

Katherine was an incredible doula and went above and beyond throughout our pregnancy and birth experience. She is knowledgeable, kind, caring and has a calming presence - it’s so evident that she truly loves her job. We highly recommend Katherine to anyone looking for a doula, especially first time parents. Thank you, Katherine, for all your support. We’re so grateful that you were a part of our journey!

-Jennifer & Sean Bergman

Katherine is one of the most gentle, caring and knowledgeable women I know. We were blessed to have her join our journey with our second birth. She is so informed and supported every decision we had. She was that comfort that both my husband and myself needed to get through! We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a more grounded and connected birthing experience! Thank you Katherine!

-Jannelle and Drew

Katherine was our doula in our recent birth. The goal of my birth was to have a VBAC, and this was successfully accomplished with Katherine's guidance, help, support and knowledge. From our first meeting to our postpartum care, she was always well prepared and you can tell she really loves her job. Katherine has a perfect balance of professionalism and being a friend/listening ear as well. She helped me stick to my birth plan and I achieved the birth I had hoped for. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a doula, she made all the difference for my husband and I - you won't regret hiring her!

-Nicole and Tyson Grinde
Katherine helped guide me into motherhood 6 months ago! I had a very long and hard labour and she was there every second ! She stayed with me for over 2 days while I slowly progressed. She put my family ahead of her own and I’m truly grateful to have found her. I couldn’t of done it without her.
-Melissa & Chad 

Katherine was my doula almost 3 years ago now! She was a really wonderful support for both my husband and I, and having her massage therapist skills was a really wonderful asset to choosing her! I really appreciated that Katherine was able to help me through making a birth preferences list, and make the best choices for me and my son. She was always quick to send evidence based information my way for any question I asked her, and was also just there with a listening ear if needed. Hopeful to use Katherine again sometime in the future!

-Chloe and Arthur 

Katherine is now like a part of our family, having her as a doula not only helped me stick with my birth plan but it helped my husband Tony know what to do and how to help support me. We couldn't have had the birth experiences we did without her, she will 100% be our doula for every baby we have and it means the world to us to have her.

-Kaylee and Tony Ryan 
That moment when you become a family.  A special thank you goes out to our Doula Katherine Kowalski who arrived just in time to save me and allow Arlen to fill the pool, I know I would have cried a lot more without my doula!  Plus she made us the most beautiful gift of a print from Noah's perfect, healthy placenta, and his beautiful umbilical cord. Thank you so much

-Joanna and Arlen Gajdos

I was recently one of Katherine's clients. My baby was born December 12,2015. I found out my baby was breech at about 36 weeks pregnant and Katherine was such a source of support and inspiration for me during that tough time. I made the decision to try to labor naturally with tons of information provided by Katherine. When the day came for my little girl to be born Katherine was amazing! She made it possible for me to have the birth that I really wanted by reminding me gently but also following my lead. She helped me through my contractions alongside my boyfriend and encouraged me to try different pain relieving techniques even when I didn't want to move. Katherine has become a great friend and is such a great doula! I cannot say enough about her. Thank you so much!

-Abby and Chris 

Having Katherine as my doula helped me be prepared so I had the best birth experience possible for my son. My husband and I had been planning an at-home water-birth for our child long before I was even pregnant. I was practicing Hypnobirthing meditations and I didn't want to talk about going to the hospital or using pain medication or a cesarean. Katherine was able to support my dream birth in her pre-birth visits and as well as lend me great books to help me feel strong about my upcoming labor. She also helped me face any other possibilities that could arise during my birth. I was able to see that even in an emergency, my baby could still have a healthy, nurturing birth experience.
She stayed with me all the way through my birthing ordeal which began at home in the pool and later became a medical emergency at the hospital. She relaxed and comforted me when the labor was difficult and long and she praised and supported me emotionally at the hospital when the baby needed to come out by surgery.
She was there for me in the following weeks after the birth when I was trying to navigate breastfeeding and the challenges of new motherhood. She has made the birth of my son and my entrance in to parenthood a more relaxed, prepared for and emotionally supported experience. Thank-you Katherine!
-Julianne and Spencer Van Hauwaert

We are so glad we chose Katherine as our doula. She provided valuable support and encouragement before, during and after Elizabeth's birth.

I was hoping to have a natural, unmedicated birth in the hospital. At our meetings before the birth, Katherine was very supportive and she helped me put together my birth plan by listening to my preferences and providing helpful information about my options.

Looking back at my birthing experience, she had a very positive effect on what turned out to be a difficult labour. I was induced a week before my due date because of preeclampsia. Katherine joined us at our home when I was having trouble dealing with early contractions caused by cervidil. She stayed with us until a couple of hours after our daughter's birth, about 24 hours in total. Through a long night of labour, Katherine provided massage, ideas for position changes, and much needed words of encouragement. She worked very well with the hospital staff and I was able to get through a labour induced by cervidil and oxytocin without having an epidural.

After the birth, Katherine continued to go above and beyond by meeting with us to ensure we were adjusting well to life as first-time parents and writing a birth story to allow us to always remember Elizabeth's birth. We cannot imagine what the experience would have been like without Katherine's assistance.

Thanks Katherine!

-Justina and Josh de Groot 
Had the most amazing birth experience early this morning thanks to our fabulous doula Katherine! From start to finish, she was calming, patient and so dedicated to helping me stay comfortable through labour, even though it meant massaging my back for hours. Along with my husband and myself, the hospital staff especially enjoyed having her as a part of our team due to her professional, nurturing care. They were especially impressed with the detailed birth plan she helped us to create as it helped them ensure they were offering us the birth experience we wanted. I had never considered a doula before this experience, but now I will never consider birth without one! Thank you again Katherine for your dedicated support! We 10,000% recommend you to anyone looking for a magnificent  birth experience!

                                                                                    -Kristan and Jeff Myers

"Our journey with Katherine started on the internet. Searching for a Doula. Searching and searching, and searching. I was starting to feel anxious. Afraid I wouldn't find someone that worked for us. I started to feel like a Doula wasn't in the stars. All I wanted was the stars to align. I was feeling incredibly upset. I needed a Doula.
Then, I found her. Katherine. Which by the way is my mother's name and my oldest daughter's middle name. So it was meant to be. I knew that before I met Katherine, that she was the one. After contacting her and making an appointment to meet her, that's when my nerves got to me. I wanted this so bad, just a Doula. I knew in my heart that I NEEDED a Doula for my second birth.
I had so many things going through my mind. I wanted her to like me, I wanted her to like my partner. So then the day came for Katherine to come to our home and meet our family, including our then 2 and a half year old daughter Zoe and the two of us.
I needed the house to be perfect, and for Zoe not be cranky and for me not to be so darn nervous. Minutes before Katherine arrived, I was pacing and my hands were sweating. When the door bell rang, I almost ran to the door, took a couple deep breaths and there she was. This beautiful soul, with a soft voice, and overall pleasant demeanor.
Once Katherine got settled in, I was anxious to know what she offered, I had so many questions for her, but of course I blanked out!!! Thankfully though I was very early into my preganacy, so I knew I had a lot of time to get to know her and ask as many questions as I could. Some time went by during our visit, we chatted and got to know each other a bit. But I already knew that when I opened my door, she was our Doula. MY Doula. I was thrilled and excited.
After our first visit and through out the rest of my pregnancy, Katherine checked in to see how was I doing. Pregnancy was going well, we kept in contact, filled her in on the check ups. We chatted and got to know each other a bit, had some play dates together. Katherine was so helpful in helping me feel more comfortable and feel confident in giving birth in a natural, drug free way. I was incredibly nervous for my second birth. I was a high risk patient and was nervous that I maybe induced again, and possibly go through a cesarean. I did not want that.
Katherine was my constant motivator, always rooting for me and always letting me feel empowered.
When the time came to my due date, May 9th, 2014. I had an appointment and I knew my blood pressure was up, even on medication. I just knew that I would be induced. I was admitted into the hospital on my due date and induced. During this time, Katherine was always answering my texts and calls. She was always reassuring me that everything would be fine and not to worry.
The time came when I was finally moved to my own room and had several attempts to get my labour going. My baby was not ready, but I was not letting the doctors go any other route other than to let the Cervadil work. Katherine educated me on the many ways I could be induced and to make sure I was an advocate for myself, my body and my baby. I made sure to use her information to good use and ask the questions many other woman didn't even know to ask, or have the confidence to ask.
Saturday came, almost 24 gours since being induced. Still no baby. By this time, I have caught a cold in the hospital, I am feeling awful and exhausted, my labor hasn't even started, not one contraction, and I am not allowed to go home.
What was Katherine doing? She was answering every single text and call, reassuring me I can do this!!
Finally, my 3rd round of Cervadil started to work. I finally started to have contractions. Nothing grand or anything, but it was something!! My partner, Neil and I were in the waiting room. After walking up and down the stairs, and hallways for two days, I sat down and said "Lets watch the hockey game". That's when they started, I finally had to concentrate through them, I knew that things were progressing. By this time it was getting late, around 9:45PM. I knew it was going to be a long night.
I let Katherine know things were progressing and she was right there ready for me. She offered to come then, but we both knew she didn't have to be there. It was going to be awhile for active labor to start. but who was I kidding, I wanted her there, I needed her there.
A short amount of time went by, I asked her to come, I felt awful, knowing she would be there for quite some time and away over night away from her own children.
When Katherine arrived, all of my fears and anxiety went away. I think that was the same for Neil. He knew he was able to get a break and some rest. He was exhausted. Katherine set up the room with candles, aromatherapy and some calming white noise, which is what I relax with at home. The room was transformed into this sanctuary, a calm bliss that was ready for anything.

Through out the night, my contractions started to be quite painful and I was definitely in active labor. Katherine and I worked together to find some comfortable positions. Finally we did and she massaged my lower back through every single one. With out that, I would have not been able to handle it. Little did I know, while I was in active labor and Neil sleeping in the corner of the room, Katherine was sleeping between contractions, bless her heart!!
Once things started to get a bit much I needed to change positons and try the shower. Katherine was always encouraging me through every contraction. So was Neil, he got his rest and was hands on. Katherine empowered me. She was my ultimate cheer leader. Always offering me something to feel more comfortable. She reminded me to drink, and eat.
Once I was in the tub, my body and tummy submerged under warm water, I felt more relief. This was transition. The holy mother of mary contractions. I will never forget this time of my labor. It was incredibly intense, almost unbearable. As Neil continuously poured water over me, Katherine was by my head the entire time, helping me get through every contraction. the words she said empowered me, made me get to the next one, and the next one.
There was one time I remember asking for some pain meds and she was there not to tell me no but to remind me of how far I have gone with out any drugs and on my own and that the end is almost near and that I can do this, that we can do this. It was at that moment that I felt like a true woman, a warrior. And she got me there. She reminded me that I can do the job that I was made to do, to give birth. Naturally.
That's what I did. Once I got out of the tub, it wasn't long before Georgia was born, she was born on Mother's Day. Katherine was right beside Neil and I. Still to this day, if Katherine was not my Doula, I would have opted for pain medication.
After giving birth, Katherine stayed for a little bit to make sure I was well and got some cuddles in with Georgia. Katherine was sweet, endearing, kind, gentle and overall compassionate. She got me and Neil through this beautiful and empowering birth.
After Georgia was born, I was dead set on breast feeding her as with our first, I struggled and gave up. With Georgia, it was natural. It happened instantly. She had a great latch and we were both happy. Until I had taken Georgia for a check up at the health clinic. I got a call from the clinic stating that I am to start Georgia on formula immediately and that she was not gaining enough weight, there was no concern for me what so ever from the nurse, she was incredibly rude and made me feel like I failed.
I filled Katherine in on this and she was there to help me, guide me through it and encourage me. With out her support and many other breast feeding moms I know, I would not have been able to get through it. I nursed Georgia. No formula, no bottles.
Our journey with Katherine will forver be in my memories. I will always remember her words and her touch. She touched my family and most of all, my heart. "


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